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PVC Strip and Hanging System at Competive Prices


Strip curtain:
- Prevents the flow of cold air and saves energy.
- Prevents dust, moisture and noise.
- Improves safety by means of transparent and flexible strips.
- Provides thermally pleasant working conditions by the door.
- Is economical to purchase and easy to install.
- It has a short delivery time.

Typical applications:
- Business's and industry's Storage and Production areas.
- Refrigerated and deep-freeze warehouses.
- Food processing plants.
- Air locks of loading areas.
- Refrigerator vehicles and containers.
- Conveyor passages.

In doorways, at work sites, and as partitions of production and Storage spaces the strip curtains give efficient protection against draught, dust, steam, noise and splashes because they only open just the amount required for passing through.

The strip curtain is a wall that allows passing through.

The strip curtain is an economical solution for doorways that have a light traffic load or that do not have room for an opening door.